More Bankruptcy Data

22 12 2009

I started compiling data from the usual government sources.  The BLS and the Census.   These variables should be useful in comparing bankruptcy data with individual and statewide  unemployment levels.  Empirically one would assume that states or time periods with increased unemployment levels would have more bankruptcy filings.

My initial equation would then be B/K (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) = C + X + Y +Z + Unemployment (growth or real levels).  C being a constant value determined by the Regression program, X, Y, and Z are to be determined variables.

My knowledge of creditor-debtor matters should be shared, so below is  a tip on privacy.

Creditor-Debtor Tip #1:

Go to and search for yourself.  Did you find your home address?  If you don’t like any address you see (ie for privacy concerns), then click the green tab next to the name titled “edit details”.  You can also replace them with more appropriate info like a business address, social media profile, email or twitter account.  Remember that your creditors, vampires, creepers and the less nefarious direct mailers will look at free online directories first when they want to track you down.  Bear in mind that if a creditor cant serve you and they have your email, then they may try to get the Court to allow service of summons by email.




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30 12 2009
I have an Equation « Enriconomics

[…] is a continuation of an earlier post on an economic project I am working […]

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