Portland Technology Hiring Introduction

13 09 2012


I am new to recruitment in the technology or marketing field, do you have some basic resources to help?


I should preface this that I am not the most senior expert on this topic but I will share these tips. Most of this post concerns internal recruitment efforts. External recruiters or agencies are very helpful when you need  talent fast or are in a bind, but the good ones and their good candidates are always expensive.

My first suggestion is that you join the Jennifer Johnson HR Network Listserv and PHRMA/SHRM. The jobs posted in the listserv are for HR or recruiting positions but as a resource, the network is great. The emails you get are focused on HR but it is a priceless resource for random questions and connecting with other hiring folks in your industry. One great lecture I heard at a special interest group concerned connecting with other recruiters or hiring managers in your industry to share leads and best practices (this is how this post was born). I ask and respond to questions from another HR manager at a similar sized agency and that relationship is invaluable.




Fortunately, for hiring developers, Portland has a decent or at least growing software scene. Sometimes you can find out if one of the local larger software companies write similar code or applications to what you create. If so, you’ve got a great talent pipeline or source. Of course this does require a strong understanding of the technologies you work with.

Craigslist is great with its multiple categories and huge volume. It is also still very cheap even with multiple categories and cities. Monster and Simply Hired are never worth it in my opinion for the cost and results. There are usually free industry specific posting spots as well. There are a lot of free posting sites for creative, marketing and technology fields. I have not tried Indeed (cost per click) but their free resume search feature looks really promising (http://www.indeed.com/resumes). You can also find other tech job boards like Dice, but I have not used them yet. I have not tried the Software Association of Oregon yet, but they have pretty good syndication and low prices for members. $25 for members ($50 for non-members) for a posting to their sites, their social media and Simply Hired syndication is worth way more than the price they charge. Linked-In of course is every professional recruiters best friend. If you are not already there I’d suggest you get a profile and start using it. Linked-In job postings cost a little more but are always worth it based on the quality of candidates and volume. Linked-In also has group features that makes it really easy to connect with talent. Plus you can post your Linked-In job posting to your groups for a wider audience. I’d suggest you look at some groups I joined (http://www.linkedin.com/in/erictcook).  They have some add-ons and premium recruiter features but they have not blown me away considering the cost.

Social media is another huge potential source. The Twitter tags of #PDXjobs and #jobs get  a lot of traffic for free at that. Just search the #PDXjobs tag to see how other companies are using it. Sometimes you can find great Meet-up Groups like PDX Web & Design. These types of groups are a great source for referrals, connections and applicants.

As far as what source or methods are most fruitful, it really depends. I highly recommend reading the Indeed white paper in recruitment advertising (linked below). You really can’t know how successful a given form of recruitment advertising is unless you track the numbers or the quality of hire. I also linked a relevant post from my blog that is somewhat related. Hiring sourcing  analysis can be done on the small scale with excel or empirical evidence, or with more complex statistical and data tools for larger organizations. Alas big data and hiring analytics is too grand a subject to dwell on this particular post, maybe another day.



Portland Free Sites




Hope some of this helps.

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