Good Reading for August

1 08 2011

Good stuff here on Bin Laden raid, economics, energy growth and awesome pictures of dunes in Angola. Updated for a recent article I wrote at the bottom.

I should also add a link my my article in the Stahancyk, Kent & Hook company newsletter.

The Turnover Equation

23 05 2011

What if you could translate the amount of monthly or annual turnover in your organization into an equation with various inputs and trajectories? Sadly, quantifying the whole sum of tangible and intangible causes of turnover is practically impossible. However the good news is that a good regression analysis of employee turnover as the dependent variable could prove extremely useful. A regression equation for employee turnover could show for example that a gain-sharing program causes a X% increase in employee retention. Or on the other end, increases in employee paid insurance premium portions or decreased benefits  might cause a Y% increase in turnover.

The examples I am considering are below. Feel free to chime in on any other ideas. I hope to begin compiling data later this week.

Dependent Variable:  Employee Turnover (Annual or Monthly Time Series)

Potential Independent Variables:

  • Local unemployment conditions
  • Company specific or regional wages
  • Insurance premium changes or increases?
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Industrial organization and competition
  • Employee satisfaction data
  • Training and development budget

Business and Personal Bankruptcies Decline in Oregon

20 05 2011

Really interesting numbers here. This definitely connected with the nonfarm payroll employment increases we see lately.

By Research Editor Brandon Sawyer

Bankruptcies increased again in 2010 but slower than in 2009. Oregon filings grew 10.1% versus 24.0% in California, 8.2% in Washington, 1.1% in Nevada and 8.1% nationwide. However, Oregon business bankruptcy filings decreased 3.0% for the year with more extreme Chapter 7 and milder Chapter 13 filings dropping 7.8% and 6.9%, respectively. Chapter 11 reorganizations and Chapter 12 (family farmer or fisherman) filings, though, jumped 30.6% and 88.8% for the year.

In Notarial News

4 02 2010

Notary fees in Oregon are going up.  But your local bank will still notarize documents for free usually.   I posted the news release from the Oregon Secretary of State office below.

“Measure 67 makes the Notary Public program self-supporting.
The first fee increase since 1989, more than 20 years ago, has been granted to make the Notary Public programs self-sustaining. Beginning February 27, 2010, the measure increases the fee to apply for a 4-year notary public commission from $20 to $40. The average fee charged in other states is $33. Since 1989, the Corporation Division has developed and distributed the Notary Public Guide, conducted regular live seminars throughout the state, an online notary tutorial, and a notary education vendor approval program, for no additional charge.

This is not to be confused with our previous announcement:

As authorized by 2009 HB 2085, beginning January 1, 2010 notaries may charge up to $10 for each notarial act. These fees may be turned over to an employer – public agencies and private businesses – by agreement.

So, it will cost $40 to be commissioned for 4 years, but a notary may then charge clients $10 per notarization. “

I guess that is nice that the notary program is now self supporting.  If you are in Oregon and want to become a Notary do it fast!

The best option like most educational choices, get your current employer to pay for it.

Oregon Internet Browsers

18 01 2010

What are the most popular internet browsers in Oregon?  Below is my highly unscientific study of Internet Browsing usage in Oregon (FKA the Beaver State, Go Ducks!).  This is a simple analysis of the google trends data.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a more interesting and detailed economic research project.  The reason google trends dat is interesting is because it tells us how often people search for a browser.  How often people search for a particular browser is likely linked to how often is it downloaded and used.

Google trends provides some insights as posted below.  Firefox is clearly the most searched browser.  Roughly 80-95 percent of internet users are windows users.  Therefore very few internet users are searching for a program they already have like Internet Explorer (The same goes for Safari with Mac users).  An aberration in the graph to note is the alternative browser Opera.  Opera is far above the others in news.  One should note that actual Opera events would create this distortion.  The fact that people search for Opera and the Opera browser at the same time makes it difficult to separate the two in google trends.   So a good use of this graph would be to compare searches of the two primary alternative browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

One should note that Googles Chrome browser is gaining on Mozilla Firefox at a strong rate.  If the Chrome browser can maintain its current growth it will surpass Mozilla.  If the Google operating system manages to gain traction on computers and hand held devices, it might be able to dislodge the top (yet declining) spot that Microsoft was able to hold over Mozilla.  Lets not count Mozilla out, its growth against IE in the last five years has been amazing.

In all I expect a hearty competition to continue in the browser market.  This diversity should benefit consumers to a great degree.  However its hard to justify so much investment and fighting in a market that nobody is making any income.  That being said Oregon internet browser usage is a small facet of a larger battle for the the web and its massive ad revenue.

Editors Note:  I drafted this post on Safari, and I typically use Mozilla Firefox on my home machine.  Below is additional reading materiel on the subject.  I wanted to add more stuff about the differing philosophies in the Microsoft /Google  browser battle, however that is not in the scope of this post.

Welcome to Enriconomics

20 12 2009

I decided to create Enriconomics (fka ericonomics) to post articles, research, links and analysis on economic and business topics.

Before I start busting out my posts, I figured I’d throw out what blogs and sites I typically read.
The finest developmental economics expert around. Other economists should take note.
Some of the most interesting essays and ideas on the web presented to you.
More finance related, but great unbiased analysis of finance stuff.
Mostly links to other analysis but usually good stuff.

Green View
The Economist green view is great environmental focused econ blog.


Hello world!

19 12 2009

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More content coming very soon!

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