Property Information

19 01 2010

Is there a piece of property you want to know more about?  Zillow is a good free database of home prices and sale information.    However if you want to get actual owner information, then contact your local title company.  A title conmpany guarnatees the title and sells insurance regarding the ownership and quality of title to land.  In Oregon you can request a free “TRIO” from title companies for property information.    A TRIO is simply a record  of three things, the plat map, vesting deed and tax record.

A TRIO might also contain current ownership, sales records, deed, historical data such as property tax information, market value, assessed value, buyer history, sale price, year built, and other statistics.  The best part about this information?  Its FREE!  Just email a local title company for the county in which there is a property of interest.   Below is an quote that explains how this often works and what you are getting.

“Property title information is provided without charge in conformance with the guidelines by the State of Oregon Insurance Commissioner. This information is limited to records provided by the Assessment & Taxation Departments of a specific county or tri-county area.”

So technically this information is all available at your municipal property records office.  But who wants to sit there all day on those ancient computers.  A TRIO by email not only saves you time and paper but also records copy fees which are often not cheap.

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